...meine Gedanken.

I never thought I could forget you
I never thought I'd be the man I am now
Just 20 seconds since I left you
'Cause I could never be your lover
I found another girl to mess me around
So you don't get to make me suffer

Look into my eyes
There's really nothing left to loose
But now I know
That I'm never coming back to you


[Hurts - Blood, Tears and Gold]



My whole life waiting for the right time
To tell you how I feel
And though I tried to tell you that I need you
Here I am without you
I feel so lost but what can I do?
'Cause I know this love seems real
But I don't know how to feel

We say goodbye in the pouring rain
And I break down as you walk away
Stay, stay
'Cause all my life I've felt this way
But I could never find the words to say
Stay, stay


[Hurts - Stay]